Ding Dong! Your Medications Are Here!

The fear of spreading Covid-19 has driven most of the world indoors. Over the last year, close contact with those we love, crowded spaces, and even workdays have changed. In times like these, we seem to have forgotten what it’s like to be with our fellow man. It’s typical to experience a bit of social anxiety once this pandemic is all said and done. We’re getting used to the ease of working from home and getting everything we need to our home faster and more efficiently than ever before, including medications. That’s right, now you can have prescriptions, over the counters, and medical supplies delivered to your door in less than 30 minutes, thanks to a collaboration with Deliveroo.


An Essential Partnership

Lloyds Pharmacy has locations throughout the United Kingdom, with a few stores in Portugal and Ireland. Thanks to their recent partnership with global delivery giants, Deliveroo, they can now deliver products to their customers in less than 30 minutes. This partnership could not have come at a better time, especially with the Covid-19 virus spreading rapidly. Now, the population’s most vulnerable can keep their medications in stock without the risk, getting what they need at their door with little to no contact. This partnership could not have come at a better time, with the entire world dealing with a global pandemic for over a year.

Breaking Ground and Inspiring

The UK was hit hard by the Coronavirus, with president Boris Johnson making decisions to hold the countries guard down. He was late to the punch, later realizing that the virus was alive and real after his infection. The battle caused the president to switch gears, changing to a head-on approach to fight the pandemic and enforce lockdowns. Their sudden switch was inspiring to other countries, with a few of the following in their footsteps. It’s not sure whether or not other countries have a similar delivery service for medications but, with the pandemic still far from over, it’s looking like it will be.


Deliveroo’s Mission

During the pandemic, delivery companies like Deliveroo were lifesavers. It wasn’t just about getting people their favorite foods or late-night cravings either. They started partnering with supermarkets to deliver groceries and more during the pandemic. Their services were especially helpful for those who caught the Covid-19 virus, helping them stay stocked up while they were in isolation. Their mission to keep customers safe was recognized and respected, with several businesses looking to them to get them back in connection with their customers.

The pandemic is not over yet, and infections are still popping up around the world. While there is a vaccine in many countries, it’s not sure how fast distributions will go or how effective they will be. Though it’s not something we want to think about, we could be forced back inside thanks to new variants of the virus popping up around the world. Whatever the case, companies like Deliveroo are sure to remain, making medications one less thing to worry about.