Triple Arthrodesis Recovery Time

Triple Arthrodesis is usually done to get rid of pain in the foot region arising due to arthritis or deformation. It even helps in gaining stability. Considering the seriousness of this medical procedure, the recovery time involved in it is often in question as it may make it difficult to engage in normal day-to-day activities due to stitches and swelling. In this article, you will learn about the procedure and triple arthrodesis recovery time, which can help you know about the risks involved and how best to take care of yourself.

What is Triple Arthrodesis?

Triple Arthrodesis uses fusion as a method of surgery to join bones after separating the cartilage. ‘Triple’ indicates fusion of three joints, which are: TC (Talocalcaneal), TN (Talonavicular) and CC (Calcaneocuboid). This surgical procedure is generally used to treat deformity in the foot or pain due to arthritis. It should be noted that a surgeon often only recommends a Triple Arthrodesis when a patient suffers extreme pain, in a way it is used as the last resort to cure deformity and curb the pain from arthritis. A doctor would first recommend physio training or bracing along with some medication. The fusion involved in this treatment is safe and this has been in practice for several years. Triple Arthrodesis is performed on grown adults, as children may tend to grow further and naturally cure themselves or add on some deformity.


What are the Possible Risks Involved in Triple Arthrodesis?

Triple Arthrodesis does not have serious risks or challenges after treatment, except few concerns regarding recovery and careful handling of the foot. Although your orthopedic surgeon would make you aware of the complete medical procedure and its risks according to your diagnosis and body, few common risks involved are:

• Infection
• Excessive bleeding
• Reopening of the wound by foot elevation or movement post-treatment
• An unsuccessful fusion of the joints


How Long Does it Take to Recover?

Depending on the severity of your treatment, age, health risks, and procedure of triple arthrodesis, you may be recommended a splint/wheelchair or complete bed rest. As you may experience some stiffness post-treatment, which may persist for some time but subsequently, it will ease up and you will be comfortable in walking or moving the foot normally.

The triple arthrodesis recovery time may vary for every patient but usually, it ranges from few weeks to few months. Some severe cases may also take up to few years to recover completely. But, in the primary recovery period (3 weeks to 2 months) you will observe the most improvement and comfort. This is the accelerated part of the recovery period and most people experience complete recovery in this. Any severe pain or deformity or a complicated surgery might leave some discomfort for an extended time.

The doctor would ask you to not lift any heavyweight or stand up for long while recovery so that the risks mentioned in the above section are eliminated to the most extent. You should also avoid moving your foot a lot, otherwise, it can impose too much stress on it, leading to extreme pain. However, triple arthrodesis is a safe surgery treatment and mostly the patients experience less or no discomfort after recovery.